The NYU Langone Health Venture Fund provides strategic seed-stage investments to biomedical startups that leverage technologies and IP developed at NYU, including companies developing drugs, diagnostics, medical devices, and healthtech solutions. With a deep understanding of the healthcare landscape and a commitment to innovation, we offer more than just capital—we provide an ecosystem to drive success.

What sets the NYU Langone Health Venture Fund apart? 

  • Healthcare investors with a diverse skillset: Our investment committee is comprised of experienced professionals with a broad range of backgrounds, including practicing physicians, medical researchers, hospital administrators, finance professionals, and biotech executives. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that healthcare startups face, enabling us to offer tailored guidance to our portfolio companies.
  • Seed stage focus: We specialize in seed stage investments, recognizing the importance of early-stage funding in propelling healthcare ventures from concept to patients.
  • Value-added support: Beyond financing, we aid our portfolio companies in business development initiatives and by providing access to our network of medical experts.

What do we look for?

  • A strong, focused team: We want leaders with domain expertise who understand the technical, operational, and regulatory challenges in bringing a clinical product to market. We value transparency and management’s ability to communicate promptly and succinctly.   
  • Impactful healthcare solutions: Our investment focus is centered around companies that have the potential to address significant unmet needs. We look for technology that is differentiated, and for entrepreneurs who can articulate the value of their product and how it fits within a competitive landscape.
  • Scientific validation: For therapeutics, we look for a clear mechanism of action and supportive preclinical data. For diagnostics, medical devices, or healthtech solutions, we look for prototypes that can provide early evidence of clinical benefit.
  • Settled IP: We expect startups to have completed licensing discussions and have access to IP with strong claims that provide freedom to operate.
  • A well-thought-out business model: Management should have a firm grasp of near-term expenses and funds required to advance programs to market. Preliminary market sizing analysis should also be conducted that shows an understanding of addressable commercial opportunities.    

Our overriding mission is to help convert the groundbreaking medical discoveries made within the halls of NYU into tangible benefits for patients. If you are a healthcare entrepreneur leveraging NYU IP, contact TOV to learn more about how we can help turn your vision into reality.