Why Start a Company?

A startup is a new business venture, founded by one or more entrepreneurs who want to bring a product or service to market. A startup can be a useful means of advancing and commercializing innovations that have been developed at NYU and an attractive alternative to licensing Intellectual Property (IP) to an existing company.

There are many reasons to start a company, but the most compelling reasons involve the stage of development of your idea and its readiness to be licensed into an existing industry. In many ways, the decision to start a company is based on the assumption that the fastest and most direct way to deliver your idea to market is through a purpose-built organization.

Thinking about launching a new company? TOV is here to help.

Biomedical Entrepreneurship Program

The Biomedical Entrepreneurship Program is open to members of the NYU community who are working on biomedical technologies.

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NYU Entrepreneurial Institute

The NYU Entrepreneurial Institute offers training and educational programming, events, and funding resources designed to help NYU students, faculty, researchers, and staff launch successful startups.

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