Technology Opportunities & Ventures (TOV) is the technology commercialization unit of NYU, serving all of the University’s campuses, colleges, and schools. TOV’s mission is to translate the outputs of the University’s $1.1 billion research base into commercial solutions and technologies to maximize their social and economic impact. 

Our guiding vision is to be one of the top-performing academic commercialization organizations in the country as measured by societal benefit and economic return. NYU has a strong track record of cultivating an innovative environment that successfully moves research discoveries from the laboratory to the market, and it has consistently ranked among the top 10 universities in the nation for generating license income and startup formation.  

Led by a team of expert licensing and business development professionals, TOV evaluates, protects, and manages the University’s intellectual property and works to commercialize NYU innovations by facilitating corporate-sponsored research collaborations, external licensing partnerships, and the formation of spinout ventures. TOV also offers funding opportunities to help researchers further develop their ideas.