Introducing the NYU Innovators’ “Bill of Rights”

New York University’s Technology Opportunities & Ventures (TOV) is excited to publish the Innovators’ “Bill of Rights” as an outline of what can be expected from the TOV team during the IP protection and commercialization process and a communication timeline that we are committed to following. 

TOV is dedicated to providing world-class service to NYU and NYU Langone Health faculty, post-doctoral researchers, students, and staff as we pursue our mission to get NYU ideas out into the world to maximize their social and economic impact. We’ve developed the NYU Innovators’ “Bill of Rights” in a continuing effort to improve those services and provide clarity into the innovation commercialization process. While the intellectual property policies of NYU and NYU Langone govern the obligations of the institutions, the Innovators’ “Bill of Rights” is designed to communicate the expectations that innovators can have of TOV.

This “Bill of Rights” outlines what innovators can expect regarding the status of their innovation disclosures; transparency in the IP protection and commercialization process; access to correspondence from the US Patent and Trademark Office related to their innovations and communications about the license negotiations; equity in the process regardless of rank or position; and more. The communication timeline provides insight into the steps and decision points following innovation disclosure and outlines the timeframe for each step or decision point to be completed.

“We strive to make working with TOV a productive and positive experience,” says Marc Sedam, vice president of Technology Opportunities & Ventures. “We value the feedback we receive from our innovators and establishing this framework to ensure transparency, fairness, and effective communication is just one of the many recent steps we’ve taken to address the needs of the NYU community.”

If you have any questions or comments about the Innovators’ “Bill of Rights,” please email