TOV is dedicated to helping NYU innovators make the most of their ideas. NYU offers a number of internal funding opportunities to help innovators advance their technologies. TOV can also help connect you with other institutions offering monetary support.

Intramural Funding Opportunities

Therapeutics Alliances

Therapeutics Alliances is a unique drug accelerator designed to identify and de-risk select NYU projects and connect researchers with investors and biopharmaceutical companies to increase commercialization activity. The goal of Therapeutics Alliances is to support the translation of NYU’s academic biomedical research into successful industry partnerships focused on developing new therapeutics.

MedTech Venture Prototyping Fund

The MedTech Venture Prototyping Fund supports prototype development and evaluation of medical device and digital health technologies developed at NYU. The MedTech Venture Prototyping Fund aims to encourage the advancement of innovations that have near-term potential for licensing and commercialization.

Technology Acceleration & Commercialization Awards

The Technology Acceleration & Commercialization Awards encourage and promote the development of research projects and innovations that have promising potential for commercialization through startup creation or licensing. This program underscores NYU’s commitment to research excellence, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

NYU Langone Health Venture Fund

The NYU Langone Health Venture Fund provides strategic seed stage investments to biomedical startups which leverage technologies and IP developed at NYU. With a deep understanding of the healthcare landscape and a commitment to innovation, we offer more than just capital—we provide an ecosystem to drive success.