COMAI Member Benefits

Members of COMAI will be provided the following benefits:

  • Access to the COMAI Model:
    Members will be granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable, non-commercial license to the COMAI Model, known publicly as NYUTron, for any internal purpose (including operational, clinical, research, etc.), subject to the terms of the membership agreement.
  • COMAI Model derivatives:
    Any new intellectual property made using or incorporating the COMAI Model, including any COMAI Model derivatives, will be owned solely by the member(s). Notwithstanding this, NYU Langone remains the sole owner of the COMAI Model and future use of derivatives outside the consortium is subject to a license from NYU Langone.
  • Regular consortium meetings:
    Monthly virtual meetings and a yearly conference (in-person or virtual) hosted by NYU Langone and chaired by the COMAI director. 
  • Collaboration between members:
    • Joint research and academic publications in peer-reviewed journals about COMAI are encouraged.
    • An active forum for sharing best practices and use cases.
    • A collaborative platform for engaging with various stakeholders to shape academic, industry, and government standards and guidelines.
    • A software and/or open-source licensing model, which has been agreed upon for all applications and agreement that code will not be released beyond COMAI without NYU Langone approval.

COMAI Member Expectations 

Members of COMAI will be required to contribute the following: 

  • Shared software stack:  
    Deposit at least two (2) large language model-built applications into the COMAI repository per year.  
  • Equity, bias, and ethical disclosure:  
    Disclose any COMAI projects involving equity, bias, or ethics to all COMAI members. 
  • Regulatory advisory support:  
    Provide input/guidance on regulatory issues/challenges/opportunities related to the COMAI Model and any COMAI Model derivatives.