Kevin Sampson

Kevin Sampson, PhD

Assistant Director, Therapeutics Alliances

Kevin Sampson is the assistant director of Therapeutics Alliances. After over 18 years of conducting and managing basic scientific research at Columbia University, Dr. Sampson brings to his role a unique understanding of how to build cross-disciplinary collaborations, manage the scientific and operational aspects of large research programs, build partnerships with external stakeholders, and communicate scientific information. His scientific hands-on experience includes traditional electrophysiology, computational biology, and high-throughput technologies, and has led to nearly 70 publications across many aspects of electrophysiology. Dr. Sampson holds a PhD in biomedical engineering from Duke University and a BS in electrical engineering from Cornell University.

In his current role, Dr. Sampson works closely with the director of Therapeutics Alliances to implement the strategies developed to advance the vast portfolio of translational projects managed by the group, with an emphasis on the operational details of CRO and consultant management, budgets, and contracts.