Jane Liew Headshot

Jane Liew, PhD

Licensing Associate

Jane Liew, PhD joined TOV as a licensing associate in September 2023. Having lived in Singapore, Brisbane, and Oxford before relocating to New York City, Dr. Liew brings a diverse and global perspective to her work at TOV. Her role involves evaluating invention disclosures, identifying commercial partners, negotiating research and license agreements, and promoting the creation of startup companies based on NYU technologies.

Before joining TOV, she worked at Oxford University Innovation, managing startup and spinout portfolios as well as translational funds on behalf of the University of Oxford. During the pandemic, Dr. Liew also contributed significantly to the fight against COVID-19. She worked in a biotech company, synthesizing DNA/RNA primers and probes, a critical component in the detection and study of the virus.

Dr. Liew earned her PhD in Chemistry from the University of Oxford. This background has been instrumental in her work in the field of innovation and technology transfer.