Beth Sheckler Headshot

Beth Sheckler, PhD

Licensing and Business Development Manager, Digital and Creative Works

Elizabeth Sheckler (Beth) is the business development manager for creative and digital works. She specializes in copyright and trademark-protectable intellectual property management, commercialization, and broad impacts. Dr. Sheckler entered technology transfer in 2018 as a Licensing Manager at the University of New Hampshire (UNH), while completing her PhD in English Literature (2019). Her prior work experience includes over 15 years teaching in higher education settings and administration, and development and communications roles. She is an active member of AUTM, the national technology transfer organization, and has spoken at the AUTM annual and software conferences on matters related to creative works, including nonexclusive licensing, social enterprises, and data licensing. She received the Howard Bremer Award in 2020 as a rising star in tech transfer. In her prior position at UNH, she served as the lead I-Corps instructor for UNH’s NSF I-Corps site program and has taught English literature, women’s studies, and writing classes at various institutions, including several community colleges in Baltimore, working with majority nontraditional students and students of color.

As the business development manager of creative and digital works, Dr. Sheckler solicits nonpatentable innovation disclosures from the NYU community and guides those innovations toward business models for impact beyond campus. She facilitates licenses (from lead generation to negotiations), including startups; provides outreach, engagement, and education related to intellectual property and licensing; and works with community members on valuation and pathways for translation that are the best fit for nonpatentable works.