Pharma Krysto



Principal Investigators: Michael Ward, PhD

PharmaKrysto was established to address the issue of pain and kidney damage caused by cystine crystal-stones in people with Cystinuria. Their team has collaborated with scientists to develop molecules that can block the growth of cystine crystals, potentially serving as an effective medication to prevent their formation. Unlike current therapies, these molecules have the potential to avoid severe side effects, making them a promising treatment option.

PharmaKrysto’s objective is to continue developing these molecules and test their safety and efficacy in preventing crystal-stones from forming in people with Cystinuria.

The experienced team of drug developers at PharmaKrysto was moved to establish the company after witnessing the difficulties that people with Cystinuria face. They have already received positive feedback from medicines regulators regarding their plans to develop new treatments for children and adults with this condition. PharmaKrysto is currently focused on preparing for their first human clinical trials, which will involve refining the manufacturing process and gathering more information about the safety of their molecules. These trials will allow the company to assess the safety and efficacy of their treatment before making it more widely available to people with Cystinuria.