TOV Launches Its New Website

Phone and laptop displaying homepage of Technology Innovations & Ventures website

NYU Technology Opportunities & Ventures (TOV) is excited to announce the launch of its brand-new website. The new site will enhance the support we provide to our innovators, improve our promotion of NYU’s intellectual property (IP), and help us amplify the University’s commercialization successes. 

TOV is the technology commercialization unit of NYU, serving all of the University’s campuses, colleges, and schools. Our mission is to translate the outputs of NYU’s $1.3 billion research base into commercial solutions and technologies to maximize their social and economic impact. The new website is carefully designed to represent our unique function across the entire institution, and the well-organized navigation allows the NYU community and external visitors to quickly locate content for their specific needs.

The website provides NYU innovators with a centralized place to find important information and resources to guide them through the commercialization process, including:

The website also boasts several new features designed for our external visitors that highlight partnership and collaboration opportunities and showcase the impact of innovations developed at NYU, including: 

  • product pipeline section that provides a snapshot of the over 50 products based on NYU research that have reached the market and details the future products that are currently at various stages of development;
  • searchable database that provides detailed information about our technologies available for license, including opportunities to purchase non-exclusive licenses through a simple click-through process;
  • startup portfolio section that provides a filterable list of the over 200 companies that have been founded based on NYU IP;
  • and an innovation spotlight section that will be updated regularly with highlights of promising partnership opportunities and video interviews of the innovators detailing the impact of their work.

There are many more features to explore on the site and we’ll be updating it regularly with new content, events, news, and functionality. 

This new site is an exciting milestone for TOV. It is a solid foundation for growing and increasing our capacity to serve the NYU community and get NYU ideas out into the world. If you have any questions or feedback you would like to share, please contact